Feelin' So Good

Did you ever have a feeling of great things occuring?
maybe not immediately, but surely you feel like your life is going to change for the better. That's how I'm feeling! I'm not even sure if I said it before, but who cares I'll say t again!

My weekend was truly eventful and it was filled with incidents that, in my opinion, are only good omens.
Friday night hanging around chillin' ended up heading to 14th street Union Square
[sidenote: Macs are sooo cool I can just drag and drop this pic from the internet! Hello My Apple Hello!]

Down there on a Saturday, an accumulation of people are out: BMXer's, Skateboarders, Pot-Heads, [LOL :-)] and Rappers.

There was a cypha going down with a lot of people hailing from East side New York.
*BX bitches!! lol
There were good MC's, older MC's, and some who looked like they were just starting out.

Getting ready to leave, and stumble upon Wordspit.

So I went up to him and introduced myself and had a long talk with the guy.
Real calm, cool, and relaxed, he knew a lot about himself, what he wanted, why he was doing it and what it meant to him. Talking with him was really insprating and it gave me a new engine to lump into my drive, the old one was working, but the conversation had me on NITROS that night.

I was so pumped because the way he thought about life and things in general, mirrored mine but on another level of knowledge. I think he is gonna be a big splash in the industry, as well.
I felt kind of dumb though, I was nervous couldn't spit at all. SMH After the conversation though he brought out a side of me that only when I'm comfortable is seen. I spit him the song I was working on, and I believe dude was impressed!

Anyway I just wanted to highlight that last night was an all nighter. I was in high overdrive because of Word, and learned what kind of work goes into this Hip Hop game. I heard stories of what kind of hussle it took to even put a song up. A rusty mic and a stereo.
I'm priviledged I even have people with studios, who will let me come and work. Appreciate the little things in life.

No worrys thoough, up in those flashing lights, my name will headline ;)
Working on a new song I feel will bring something new to ya'll.

Peace and Love Gzz I'm about to eat som fried sweet potatoes =D HEY HEY!!


  1. talk about coincidences... i'm mad you just meeting people left and right; Wale, Wordspit... it's like whoever you talk about, you see... if that's the case, can you talk about Kanye a bit more and tell me how that encounter goes down? lol

    but on some real, it's cool when you meet someone that doing the same thing you're into and motivates you with where they been and all... so that's hot that you're motivated again...

    and i need to hope on that Mac/Apple goodness, i wanna drag it like its hot too...

  2. LOL Umm you tried the sweet potatoe fries delicioso!
    Anyways for real keep spitin' I see you going far
    ...far away sky away


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