Do it to Death


y'all was thinking some next shit happened from my last entry, but nah
I'm tougher than nails and too cool for that. Wasup though, now we have a lot to cover.
for one

1. My iMac's hard drive said "F**K YOU B***HES" :\ not working and it hurts my heart. 

2. I lost my iPod Touch recently, lets say Sunday and got a call Monday from the apple store saying my laptop is fixed. Ha

3. I got an 85% in my math midterm, have a speech due the 2nd, and bought the book today ;)

4. My English paper is due tomorrow and I'm uploading Busta Rhymes "E.L.E" and blogging instead.

5. I can't find my laptop charger and i have more or less 70% battery life left as of now.

Oh Gosh. makes you really wonder, why fuck go to college in the first place? I can learn this shit myself. College is just for a piece of paper saying you certified. 
I mean I was feigning, I mean feigning to get into college and look what happens! I'm in this bitch and want to dip because I feel like what I'm learning is bullshit. Honestly classes like "Speech and English" Basic shit I can learn for myself. 

College should be for math, chemistry and shit you can't even learn naturally. I know I can't learn Chemistry from talking to the MTA guy for a metro card, well... shit who knows, if we speaking in dope boy language ;)

Besides that my vernacular has changed and we making moves (we meaning me and my brain)
Time for me to met people know wasup with Sasha and how I am literally no one you ever met, unless you met me aye!

Ohh shining light on this little Thrift store located on 14th street and 8th, 7th or 6th ave. totally forgot the exact location, buck it tho, its called "Rags-a-Go-Go" 
Copped some old school hats with the puffs, and a leather varsity jacket from the year 79' 
Whats cool is the lady "hand-picks" every piece of clothing in that place. Dedication!!

alright peace hoes who are pigeon toed

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  1. lol, college definitely be on some bullshit with the random classes that you have to talk that will never apply to what you want to do in life... it's so stupid... yet you still have to pay for them... smh...

    nonetheless, you still gotta love it in some way, i guess.

    and it seems you and technology aren't getting along too well... offended an electronic device lately? hmmm?


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