sweet dreams

hey my brothas n sisters u kno i missed ya =D

i been super duper busy...school *yea right*
not working and reading everybody else's blog i aint have time peep my own BLOG
i've been in the studio for a good minute...it may look i have nothing to show for it but I do have a track that im super proud of =D

Sweet Dreams Remix - Beyonce Ft. Sasha

i fucks with it..lets see if yall do too =D


  1. thanks for the comment u left me .. I really appreciate it .. I saw your facebook link .. Im gonna add you so we can keep in touch .. Keep up the good work with your blog ..


  2. oh baby, im feelin this track...

    your flow is simple, but cool... and it sounded the same with and without the headphones... so it was good...

    i'mma keep my eye on you... if you need a music vid done, holla at me... lol


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