Said I Loved You But I Lied...

...Hmm this man sure was a sexy something. LoL... Long flowing mane and wolf chest...grrrllzzz

. SO anyway why I have this up is because of this thing boys and girls do.
Why is it, when you just meet somebody, and you are both feeling each other.
In a matter of weeks you get those "I miss you" Text. Me personally I don't mind it that much. What really catches me off-guard is the, "do you..?"


Normally I would just answer with a plain ol' "No"
But i've come to see the error of my ways. Boys are oso sensitive. SMH
they may walk around boasting and acting like they are top dog, but honestly they are like little babies with armor on. When they are with someone they truly like all that macho facade falls to the ground.

So I've realized when I say No it hurts thier feelings :( But me personally I don't like to lie.
Its a turn-off in a relationship and I try ,y best to keep it 100.

I told my mom this and she said. "I feel the same so humor them!"

*Long Pause*

"but how mother"
"when they say they miss you...give them an awww thanks then change the subject to what they are up to"


So for the most part this relationship thing is something that needs to be studied hard. It can never be easy.. if so. Someone's cheating, lying, or not that into you.

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  1. well what can i say?... it's a pride thing... guys have to feel wanted, so they asked if they're missed to feel depended on to a certain extent... why we do it? ehhh... idk...

    next time, if a dude text you, saying he miss you, reply "i know" while doing a cocky hairflip, lol


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