One thing I hate most than anything.... LIARSS!!!

I'd rather you steal from me, than lie to my face. I can easily tell what you stole but a lie is hard to find.

So I met up with one of my school mates yesterday. Everything was cool.
He was telling me what he been doing, and vice versa. We came upon the topic of rap which tthen I told him

"...I rap too!"
"well go ahead and spit something"
*does her lil thing...
"oo that was fiyah!!"

Anyway he goes on to say that Cory Gunz battled one of my friends.
Super Sideeye
I knew it was a lie , almost as if he was tryna down my friend and big up Cory.. in some way to look better. I brushed off that one.
But as we start talking more his stories sounded weirder and weirder.

The NEXT day I ask my friend just to make sure... he like nah he never battled Cory.
i hit up Dude. He like ooo Cory battled everyone. and fuck it though we in here with him right now. Me and my friend.

"oo word? Take a pic lemme see so I can put it on my blog."

No answer for like 10 mins.
In text time that is super fishy.
He comeback with someting like oo the nigga was like chill so I said fuck it and w.e.


that is the only turn-off especially if I just met you. In a long while. keep it fresh and honest. smh horrible.

I don't want to associate with those types... just keep it 100.
That is all I ask.


  1. that's EXACTLYYY how i feel. i don't respect liars at all.

  2. HAYMEN to that... liars are bad people... honestly is what's up... there's lying and then there's straight up not telling the truth for shit... that's the people to look out after...


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