Uniqlo and St.Marks

chilling in St.Marks
fun times. I realized that I shouldn't buy merchandise like glasses and ch
ains online unless I know they don't retail. Like sell to other distributors.
The same glasses I got off of ebay for 12.99+ S&H could've been purchased at St.MArks for literally half :\
But I did find these really cool Run-DMC-esque glasses. Real Funky

I Just wanted to showcase the craetive and stylish way this mannequin is dressed. Honestly I was looking around uniqlo and just stopped in my strides when I saw Mr. Mannequin.
The green corduroy pants, burgundy sweater checkered & pin stripped shirt n then the tie accents the pants with the green and brown n the tweed jacket to finsih it off. Immaculate!!



  1. is that you wearin' the Dino Jrs?
    I MIGHT be jealous righ'now, homie. i juuust might. lol

  2. lol I MIGHT be jealous too if i didn't know her lol. Thats the sister rocking those bad boys!


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