As of recently I started watching Kid 'n Play House Party Trilogy.
I can't even front, I don't know what came over me to posses
me to watch it, but I did. (in parts on youtube.com) Damn if that movie wasn't all that and a bag a chips!!! with the dip suckaaa!
I watched all of them 1 through 4, now I must warn you. If you had to watch House PArty...its best you stick to 1 and 3 because 2, was kind of a waste of time and 4! OMG let's not even go there. SMH

House Party (1990): Full Force, Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, A.J. Johnson (homegirl in the red jacket) all were involved in the first House Party. This movie right chyea made me want to throw a House Party (unlucky for me, mom was ALWAYS home :\) This was the essence of the 90's. John "Pops" Witherspoon was in here as w
ell as George Clinton (Atomic Dog) . Whats crazy is House PArty was original written for DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince.

House Party 2 (1991): Most everyone from the first film minus Sydney's homegirl. Kid's father in the film Robin HArris in real life had died of a he
art attack so this film was dedicated to him. It was a shit film in my opinion so I dedicate the first film to the dude. Queen Latifah was in this motion picture and the basic jist is Kid and Play throw a House Party in the dinning hall of Kid's college campus and its a Pajama Party.

House Party 3 (1994): Kid 'n Play are grown men now and handling the music industry. Business managers trying to sign a female rap trio Sex as a Weapon. This film is my second favorite from House Party 1. It includes TLC
, Immature, Bernie Mac, and many other cameos. Alot of now big time celebrities got thier first real roles or cameos in House Party 3. This was Bernie Mac's first supporting role as a main character. [R.I.P.] the man was funny beyond natural. Chris Tucker's first role in a film, Eddie Griffin, Joe Tory [Guy Tory's brother],Kelita Smith [the wife on the Bernie Mac show], and Yvette Wilson,[of the Parkers]. Now that I'm writing about all these characters. I think I'm starting to feel a little more love towards 3 than 1.

I watched all of these movies from my iPod Touch in my moms room. She was hogging the computer and what can you do on a friday night when all your plans fell through but to watch some House Party.
I know your wondering,

"Hey Sash.. what happened to your review on 4?"

House Party 4 can suck a Dxxk for all I care. That movie was


In the end, Kid 'n Play were an awesome duo. House Party was the essence of the 90's. down to the attire and slang. I get nostalgic watching this stuff.


  1. hell yea house party is that shit but 2 was better than 3 in my opinion

  2. u buggin... Bernie Mac, and Chris Tucker made that movie live the second was was corny

  3. yea of course they did the reason i chose 2 over 3 is cuz kid n play was becoming irrelevant in that time 3 came out altough 2 aint live up to 1 it still captured everything i loved bout the 90's aint gon hurt no bodyyy lol

  4. i have to agree 1000% percent with you... HP 1 was crack, because hey it was the first one... the second one was not as original as the first one. i think a lot of people slept on the third one (which I should watch again) and we don't talk about the "fourth" one around my way... it doesn't exist, lol. nice review...


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