Its about a minute passed pissed...

...shit has officially hit the fan.

what did I tell ya'll?

I'm about to burn this shirt.
*pulls out the lighter*

Tell me WHY!?
this hoe at my job.. really I mean REALLY
has a hard on for me.

Not to be explicit and derogatory but when I'm pissed I'm pissed.

So the situation with this Drive-thru chick is irking me.
We got into an argument last friday, and she really went in and brought the "crew"

Sooo now the store owner tells her.
"You take too long to send out the orders"

She tells him today I INTENTIONALLY take long to make her food because I don't LIKE her.

If thats isn't the only plea copped man.
First of all,
to like or dislike someone takes up emotion.
I don't have time or energy to give your ass "emotions" I save that up for family.
and people I care for.

you aren't either.

I have no feelings for you.
Its just ...there.
like your just there.


But anyways the owner pulled me to the side with her and asked me that.

man o man. I just got over the situation with BGW.
I'm not trying to soothe another big ass baby.

What don't they understand. This is a job. JOB!!!

We not in school so what the hell are you worrying about friends and love and likes from the people you work with.
If after work we don't converse then you already know what the deal is.


'"..and I'm about to get shitted.."

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