DinoRoach BBQ

We had gone to Dirty ass Dinosaur BBQ for my Cousin's Birthday.
I don't remember how old he is...

But thats besides the POINT!!
or should I say


Yes.. you may have heard or read.

THIS dirty ass place had a ROACH.
which can or will lead to roaches.

[we was right here!!!!]

So I see this creepy crawlum and I tell Shanna..
At first

"Do thine eyes decieve me?"

sadly they do not.

Theres a big-ass mama roach propped up on the cushions, walking about as if shit don't stink and flowers don't bloom.
Just straight up wrong.
I'm disgusted and the food wasn't even that serious to begin with
so now I want to let it be known.
and I want some free shit.

Like we always do :]

I tell the stank-ass waitress and she like

"wellll I can assure you there are no roaches in the kitchen though"

How the Hell do you known that for certain?
When one just ran up on me like a burgular?


So the manager comes and I'm like Listen..
Theres a roach yadda yadda

"We just had an inspection and it happens from time to time!"
The she walks away...

On some smooth shit.. like a roach is just a roach in this place.

Ummm we not in your house where this would be accetable..
We're in a goddamn restaurant.
I knew something was up when I came and saw the employees dressed in regular clothing.

Probably one of those muhphukas brought it from their house

So I realized nothing was going to be done to console my turmoil, and I did what I knew I had to do.

I stole their sauce.

Fuck you thought this was?
Oh No Ma'am.


I'll tell you this... my ass definetly not going back there.


  1. that picture is classic
    allow cockroaches up in a restaurant though
    i wouldnt have been able to stay
    but i too would have stolen the sauce =D

  2. lol @ stealin the sauce... well that showed them, but their dirty asses still have roaches.

    you should have replaced their sauce with Raid, that would spread the message.

  3. thats crazy!! loll
    you shoulda brought back some Raid for them loll



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