MacBook mania

Yesterday I purchased a MacBook from my sister's boyfriend.
good stuff.

I think because of this bad-boy i might begin to blog continuously like I used to.
Its just been alot on my mind so, with all these thoughts and shit I get flustered..instead of writing I just go and watch
Naruto Shippuden.

OMG that is my jam!!

Another thing that's kind of wierd on this MacBook...
is that certain sites will come up differently, I think its because this is the first generation MacBook..
Like the one's they use in middle and highschool
But I dont gie a FU*K
Imma still get by on mines.

Its funny b ecause the day when we went to pick it up me and Shanna were smackked,
So of course we decide to go to wendy's
[we were in SoHo]

IDK if it was because we were smackked or something but I swear the walk to Wendy's took for fucking ever
like... we were really on a damn journey.

So finally we rach out destinations...
we meet that hot and juicy red head :]

We order and it took a year for the register person to actually understand what we were tryna order.
At first I thought it was because we were high and the orders wouldn't come out right.. but when I came to..
I realized
"nope..the bitch was just brain dead smh"

Now if you've been to SoHo you know the kind of people that resonate towards Wendy's..

ALL the "we so Fresh" Niggas that stand in front of UniQlo and Armani Exchange for about 10 hours out the day go home and do the same shit the next.
Oh Yea.

this goin be a long one :\

So anyway I came to realize the kind of people those so called I get money like that are.
me and Shanna already looking top notch and these boys are ice grilling like watching us.
IDK if they wanna talk to us or eat us.. :]

So anyway they start to have a conversation with some other girls..ad it is the boring-est, shallow--est dullest convo ever...
as the converstation progressed..
I came to realize that those kind of people are not deep.
They hide thier personality in the clothes they wear and mask how they feel by talking about otheres and what they get or don't get.
Its not even a matter of them doing it for the ladies anymore.

When I realized I was like wow.

This is really sad.

that enuff of that tho..

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