Brand New

Trey Songz - Brand New

Honestly.. I don't really care for my man Trey but.. I can't lie
I see he's been working it out. Aoowww... :]

But the reason I posted this is because of my baby
you see him for a total of 30seconds, but thats enough for me !
I'm pissed no one threw a bottle at the girl blocking Drake though

Whatever. Can't wait for his videos to Drop!


the Love vs Money is aighht.. I listened to it through and then I listened again.
Ehh.. Nothing THAT serious.


  1. oooh lawd!.. he indeed has been working it out! I am not mad!!

    I fucks with Drizzy as well and its moments like these that I wish I owned a bb gun cuz homegirl needed one to the head for standin all up in the damn way.

  2. song is dope on a stick. wondering whether to d/l or not.

  3. Lmao i wouldnt even be mad at u girl.

    N ehhh i wouldnt download it :\


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