Abandon a Child

I had recently purchased the GQ magazine with uber soxy Robert Pattinson on the cover for Shanna...
[...a minute to drool]

So after I stopped pretending like I was reading

[I was just looking at sexy boys in bomb ass outfits]

An article headline caught my eye.

In Omaha Nebraska ...

"..it was okay to abandon any child of any age for any reason at any time-with the full protection of the law."

Inserted in the article was the story of this woman named Lavennia Coover.
A mother who had to deal with a mentally ill daughter and then her demented son.

...no really, he's like demented.
[on some Emily Rose type ish.]

I didn't get to finish the whole article by myself but when everyone had came home.
I read it aloud to them.

When I say that this shit was deep
man it was DEEP

The law was created as a safe haven for "dumpster babies"

but those were not the kind of children that was being facilitated.

Kids ranged in age from 6 to 14.
These kids were sick.
Like mentally ill and the parents were fed up.
I guess tired of wasted money on medicine and help that didn't change a thing.
or having to deal with their child's problem with little to money at all for health insurance.

Its funny because the director of Nebraska's Division for Children and Family Services Todd Landry, called the parents whose children where dropped off at the Omaha Safe haven
"Lazy parents"

I'm not saying his statement is valid or even called for because honestly it goes deeper than that.

Do you know how much Guap it'd be for medical help around the clock for children with mental disorders or crazy ass behavior.
Not that "put em all in a box and feed em Depakote!"
no... real help to figure out whats these children and their families damage.

We are still the only country to not have Universal Health Care.
Its a goddamn shame to know that if my child is seriously fucked up and even if it is my damn fault its crazy to know that if I don't have the G'z to please these doctors and shit the most "health care" I'm going to get for my kids problems
is a box of benadryl and Vick's vapor rub!

It comes down to help.
Honest care for children and families in need of health care. It cost money to be sick now-a-days and damn if I don't make sure I'm dressed right for the weather and carry a pump on me.
That's why its easier to just shove off the kid and let it be someone else's problem than to wind up in debt and stressed because my insurance doesn't cover psychiatric help.

Man I hope Obama has something good in store for this country.
or I'm out to Cuba for my checkups!

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