Granma Got WiFi

I came up here to Mt. Burnin to visit my Grandmother.
Havent been to her apartment since her birthday in June.
& I've been saying I was gonna come spend time with her for a minute now.
SO Im finally here


I got lost.

and rode the good ol' bus with alot of old people.

..Being with her brings back nostalgic feelings.
She always always ALWAYS has her place in check. No matter the circumstances of the actual building. *i.e. Roaches, Crackheads, Dirty lil' Hood Booger kds.
Her place looks like something out of a Martha Stewart Magazine. {does she even have one?}

I had the feelings of when I was younger n me and my siblings all came down for either the weekends or spend the summer with her.

It was definetly hell, when we were younger but looking back. It was definetly worth it.

Have You Noticed that, people who spent alot of time with thier GRandparents or Older Folk in genereal.
Tend to have actual "Common Sense"

I noticed that in most of the people who I know who are good at thier job, or give really good advice, or are just IDK... wiser than their age, have grown up around their elders.

It says alot. I mean when I was younger I used to DRED going to visit G-ma... cause she was miserable.. :\
but now that I'm older I see why she used to act like that and it touches ma heart :]

G-Ma WiFi.

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