"...Problem with these other niggas they aint never real."

mood: PISSED!!!

location: BEDROOM

music on: Drake - So Far Gone

I swear to God why are you so damn dense?????

We've been friends since what? I was a Sophomore and you a Senior
and you still don't fucking get it.

Yes that is what I was thinking after having an hour long argument with a long time friend.
At first it started out with a back and forth disagreement with Eminem's new album Relapse.

My view: The Album is Trashtastic.. it has no emotional content and it doesn't do a thing for its fans other than "smoove lyrical content"

His view: Its "Slim Shady...Eminems relapse back into his Slim Shady Days."

We were literally going back and forth about the topic for a good hour and change.

AS you know if you are arguing and you are really passionate it stems from deeper feelings.

I'm trying to explain that its not good because he's been gone for like 5 years and he comes back with this nonsense. He doens't give any kind of outlet or window for us the fans to see what has been up.
Just some bullshit bout 3am SMH

He's cold and no emotion. and Thats how I've been feeling about one of my closets friends.

He is supposed to be a good friend of mine but I can't help feeling as if the boy is afraid to push boundaries. Come out of his safe zone and try something new.

I didn't think I could become this pissed off at a person for being so damn timid.

It boils me , gets under my skin, annoys me.
If you can't get angry or tell me how your feeling, or let me know "Hey..that was a real fucked up thing you did"... Then

I really see no point in a friendship that only I am working towards.

Im trying to explain the point of him exploring his feelings.
His excuse is..

Thats how I am..

Thats how u are?

Thats whats gonna end up having you alone and lonely.

Its sad to think that I seemed to be the crazy one while we were talking.
Like he really didnt see where I was coming from.
and it pissed me off

ugh. I was about to toss the damn macbook through the window.

{gladly I do have a brain.}

But when the conversation ended I had time to reflect.

its a long ass post. But I'd appreciate it you would at least skim it. LOL

I just needed to vent it. ...ugh

I feel better.

Time for cake. and an episode of



  1. hmmm.....so that basically makes him a bad person??

  2. No...
    I understand exactly where you are coming from!
    I hate when ppl make DUMBASS claims like "thats just me"....
    But most dudes just rather ignore (be ignorant) and stay in a cycle... You can't change them ...if they want improvement in their lifestyles they need to change... You just have to bear with his shit or Peace out..

  3. ahh i hate that its like there emotionless ive purposely tried to make people angry or act out of their normal selves and it annoys me when it doesnt work
    always makes me think how they would react if someone close to them died or their house got robbed you know

  4. no it doesnt make him a bad person...
    hes just a dick for taking things for granted @D.a.M

    and thankx u guys u feel me on this one which is what I needed...i thought I might've been blowing it up lol @Spiff..+ William


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