Eh, Eh

I was here for a good minute trying to figure out why the fuck my mac web browser was showing websites as if it were an IBM computer or some shit.
went to yahoo answers.. and

found an answer...
beacause Safari is cold poop
and Firefox is the whip cream to my chocolate ice cream =D

Now I actually want to blog .

On to more important news.

So I had gone to see a "friend" I haven't seen since I was like 17 18 right.
N it was good to see this "friend" I was happy..
He ended up telling me he had needed some cash, just so he could get back on his feet.
Hes starting a new job and he didnt have any cash flow.. w.e.

So I lend him the odd amount and told him we could kick it that saturday.

Saturday came, he hit me up like
"oh Hey... babe when are we going to chill?"

I'm like Im taking a nap Ill hit you up at 5.
I wake up 6:27 and he sent me like a ka-jillion messages on aim.

Hes like ooo lets chill.. ets go to JC Penny and cop some cargos.
Mind you .. I just lent the nigga some 40 odd cash so..
WTF right?

I told him I'm not buying him shit, I just wantedd to chill.

"ahaha you funny nah for real tho copp me some cargos"

.... are you deaf?
I have no cash for you, on top of that you owe me money so what do I look like>>? a fool?

The conversation gets deeper and I become agitated by how the nigga acting like a straight up jerk off.. so I say nite and stop talking to him!

Now he goes and says something I never heard.
"Ight then lata"


um excuse me??
Its not like it hasn't happened before, but t6he crazy part is..
He hasn't hit me up since

Now are you telling me..my ass got douped?


Let the rest of the week past and I don't get a hello.
let the rest of this month pass and I don't see my 40 odd cash flow.
Let this nigga even try n work me for my cash.

It'd be a sad day in the Bronx for a tall black Jamaican motherfucker I'll tell you that much.


  1. damn, you're a good friend for lending but that shit would bug me. make sure u get your mulaaa though. aint nobody tryna chase mofo's for money in this RECESSION!

  2. Damn thats fucked up i bug the nigga til i get money back smbh


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