So last week sunday i believe i had gotten a tattoo.
It was a family affair. Me, my sister, n my mom had all gotten a tattoo done,. N on the left side too.. What a coincidence.!!

I had gotten a lightning bolt behind my ear. (which even though was just an outline, hurt like shit!!)
Mom got a symbol which meant grounded in ths middle of a weed leaf lol.( very spur of the moment)
And Shanna at the last minute got mom's name tattooed on her wrist.

We had gone to Concrete Jungle on 125th. It was a whole lot of African braiding shops and the whole decor of the parlor itself was lame!!
Mad treez n shit smh

But the artist were great.
Shannah and I were tattooed by a tall guy named Joel.
And mom got hers done by Spyder

Im upset I cant show yAll the pics I took on account of I uploaded them to my macbook and they all got deleted because I restarted the whole system and forgot that after I uploaded them I deleted the originals off the camera...

Shit.... Memories erased :\ ill try to upload some later...

::sidenote:: I despise Teyana Taylor!
BUT thats for another day! :)


  1. hurry & upload some picssss! i love looking @ other ppls tatts.


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