Very Damn Creepy

Very Recently I have been getting these uber creepy messages on myspace from random men, from random places.

Like... Istanbul, and Germany, and Hackensack.
You know strange places.

and Its always these creepy ass on liners like..

"hey Sexy I like your icon" and shit like that.

I never responded because I don't like to be serial killed. !! >:[

seee.... shit like this.
SMH I really hate myspace for this shit.
Im about to delete it ...

oo yea Happy Mothers Day Man :]


  1. yo whats up w/ that?!? not cool...

  2. EWWWW First of no one wants to kiss your feet Tarzan.

    You should give em some address to meet up and get to know each other. Give the police department address. That shit would be funny. But use a prepaid phone them nigga perverts are mad technologic [Daft punk voice]

  3. hahaha chris wants to kiss and smell your feet
    you should send him a picture of tyrone biggums feet see what he says

  4. lmfaooo @ NanA

    Yes...is "very creepy" @ William + Kid_a


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