I'm not saying im addicted

You have to know yourself as a person.
You have to understand what are the ugly things about you that you don't want others to know or see, and embrace that.
Make it apart of you and not dismiss it as if it doesn't ecist because that leads to guilt and hatred.
For example, people who may be gay or bi- and do not agree with this sensation they're having. Will lash out or defend; based on how they are at a openly gay person or people.

If you dont embrace you for you fully, then it will be a facade you wear.

I brought this up because LAST NITE had to be the craziest experience I've ever had.
Another thing. I think I'm meant to smoke weed.
Not even on some crackhead shit where "I NEED it man!", but more or less smoke it to open my eyes even more to the shit that goes on around me.
I feel that if I was sober that night. I wouldn't have been able to see all the details of what was going on with my sister and my close friend. Not had been able to see how it could've been fatal.

Weed is officially my best friend.

Another thing.
My job I got the only life lesson on friday.
My boss is so deep. I wish her and my mother could have a conversations of the mind.
I wouldn't mind recording that and putting it on this blog for all to view.

I think I have a huge fascination or better yet deep love for those who can express themselves and stay by what they believe.
It is the most attractive trait of a human being.

Another thing. This blogging shit seems like too much work. For the lil appreciation.
I love to read others blog and that good shit. But its losing substance. Everytime I go check a blog we talking about the same shit.
Money Cash Clothes and Hoes.
I need a vaca from this shit.
..I think imma plan a blogger cypha.
Most ya'll on here smoke or drink or something so we should plan a trip together.
Wouldn't that be nice?


  1. Whoa that was deep girlfriend mmmhmmmm lol

  2. LMAO!....
    Well First... I have never been under the influence of weed... Prollty something i need to experience.... PPl who know what they are talking about is HIGHLY ATTRACTIVE!....Start the CYPHER ASAP!


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