This is a MUST SEE movie.
When I first saw the trailer I was really into it it looked like a whole lot of action. The downside of alot of action usually means really bad acting.
At first I was skeptical to go see. In each trailer there was new moves and effects so I was thinking that like most movies do to gain more revenue and attract audiences. Show all the good parts in the trailer and leave you wondering watching the movie.. so where's the rest?

When I say I was watching it and at one point I didn't know if it was a video game or an actual movie I was serious.
The effects were non-stop.
It was just mind blowing. Only set-back was the acting.
Boy it was corny alot of close-ups and dramatical catch phrases.
If you watch G.I. Joe closely you can see why it says the real american heroe.
So many messages like "Fear is a great motivator"
or "Knowing is half the battle"
The plot of the movie was really great too. The twist and turns and the idea of an organism neither environmental or genetic a man made organism that eats metal and can devour a whole city.

I've never watched the cartoon G.I.Joe, so after watching the movie it made me want to go and search it on the internet.
The way they redid it so it could be more update. They gave them these suits to act as a mean lean killing machine!!
Great it ranks up there with Transformers for its effects
Overall I'd give it a 31/2 stars out of 5. and its just cause of the acting that killed it.

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