So Good, Show Me Something

So I recently saw the videos for Mya's new song and Day 26's new single.

I started watching "Show me Something" ft. Bun B and I turned it off after the first verse.
In my opinion, homegirl made a bad move.
She hasn;t been out in a minute and you'd expect "First Lady" to come with something harder like she usually does. She got so much talent and watching that video made me so sad. I feel for her like she got all this talent, and whatever that shit was that I was watching she was wasting her gift.
It's too country, trill and shit and not enough of her coming through.
I feel like she copped a plea with this one.
Now Day26, I was into the video and song.
Up until that dirty looking gremlin with the stink mouth came and screwed it up.
I really don't know they names, except Que cause I see him EVERYWHERE.
The rest of them I forget.
Anywho when the little one came out with the cornball and the mohawk I was just like HELL NO!!
How you gonna have a video for the ladies, have a video vixen then not even pay her no mind.
That really blew mines. Like, he was really screaming and showing his "song face" and the girl caressing all on him not getting any feedback. That really killed the video.
Ohh and I dont know about ya'll but, the big one out the group with the pretty eyes. Either they accept him as BIG GUY or make him work out cause we can't have both.
Mad sweaters and tank tops and jackets on to make him look slimmer. I don't know that's just me.
Enjoy though.


  1. the little dude with the braids?
    i thought the exact same thing yo
    dude looked like he was in pain and the thing with the chick annoyed the hell out of me
    i dunno maybe hes gay

  2. YO! lol... I am a Mya fan and agree!... She is Seriously talented to settle for the south! Idk
    I like the Day 26 song... But you def going in! LoL!

  3. mya is too damn old to be singing about whatever the hell the content was in that song. she needs to accept her 30's and come hard. she is slaying me with her effort.


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