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I know I Know.. I have been posting like I'm being held hostage and the only way to hold on a lil longer is to come up with new material and shitt buh who knows..

Maybe I Am...

***em pleh***

yea lol so anyway.

I Love Tap Tap Revenge for iTouch

that is my hand... i was playing in powder!

ANYWAY! Tap Tap is the shit and the songs they have are good eatins!'


The Bomb - Bitter:Sweet

Gettin' Up [Remix] ft. Eve - Q-Tip

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  1. LMAO! i love tap tap revenge. that game is my shiiiit. i'm thoroughly addicted. i damn near mastered the bitter:sweet song. you should download "discipline" by nine inch nails if you haven't. SO fun to play.


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