im supposed to be buying my phone this weekend.. finally.
Lets hope everything runs smoooth. Which it will not.
[it never does I swear.]

Anyway I hoping to get The Blackberry Curve its my only alternative to the Storm.

and at this point I just want a phone. a number. so
If a guy tries to ask for it.

I can use the excuse "I don't have a cell phone"
and NOT feel humiliated ... cause its oo so true

OO yea.

I Made a list of the things I need for summer time.
Its right around the corner and I'll be damned if I have to look like I'm from the Bronx.
I love my borough no doubt.

But jesus the people here look so much alike it kills me inside.. slowly.

"Jordans, Tight Jeans, Marmots, Fitteds, same shit AEROPOSTALE!!!"

I like it but they just play it put to the max it hurts.

I'm looking for inspiration!! from all over. I feel stuck in a box. 

 Here's some inspiration..

...feel me?

1 comment:

  1. I feel you. I'm from Brooklyn...and the people are the same..minus the marmots..lol. power to not being a stereotype!


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