Jigga Man Mania!!

On occasion I will just go and download full albums that were hailed "best albums of all time or careers."

My most recent endeavor was a Jay-z Escapade.

I was feeling a little down and my mnd said to me.
"Sash... you need some East Coast Authentic Hip Hop to bring you up and turn that frown, into a bad ass smirk :]"

[as u can see]

I'm bumping The Black Album and American Gangster.
I must say.
Dammmmnn Jigga Man.

Now I can understand how adamant non believers in Jay-Z were turned around after The Black Album.

Its like mashed 'tatoes and gravy.

and American Gangster gets me in the mood to..Rap lol.
can u say ..Hova?

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  1. hi! girl, i love jay-z! '99 problems' and can i get a... is my shit!

    thanx for coming by my blog!




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