Slumdog Millionaire

So Shanna had downloaded the Oscars.

This year was really good. I like how Wolverine captured the essence of the Oscars. 

he made it fun.

[my mother is in love with Mr. Jackman.]

Anyway I kinda slept around teh middle to end part of the oscar where I always do. But I made it to the end.


i noticed how Slumdog Millionaire won like everything.

Like this was 1997 and Titanic was chris browning bitch movies to the left and the right.

Of course we downloaded the movie to watch.

I didn't get a chance to. I was extra tired and got to sleep all day because I didn't go to work =D 


So I just downloaded the album because iTunes told me I should.

Anyway. may I say That album is the sheet.

It's like M.I.A. meets OutKast and has a Thomas Newman baby.

I Love it.

Makes me wanna dance n stuff.

Ooo Gurl. 
 I like 

Gangsta Blues
Jai Ho
and Ringa Ringa 

for now. until I play it out to infinite and hate it.


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