Like...Totally Freak Me Out.!!!

I really must try and kepp up with Appearances I swear.
I was sent an email like a month or so ago from another blog on blogspot, asking me to put a link up of their website
on mii page so people can check it out.They read my blog and said they liked it so, okie pokie. I'll do it.!!!
[insert Royalties here.]"its all about the benjamin's babie..uh huh yea."

i know know know I'm truly late with this but I absolutely love.

Betty La Fea... a.k.a

When I say this is my show.. 

it's funny, and I can't get enough..

good thing I don't have t.v. so I don't have to worry about.. commercial breaks, and..season finale's
because I just get the whole season and watch it back to back. 


I'm feeling it. uh huh yea.
Wolverine and the X-Men.
My friend raved about this show. "Wolverine...is the man.!"

Its cool... i like it.
But I just can't get over my X-Men Evolution days
I mean.. I really really loved this show. 
It was my 80's version of the X-men... 

[sidenote: If you are a comic book fan or a X-men fan, or just a real real big A-hole nutter butter.. please don't crucify my page with crap i liked it better than X-men the really old one.]

Joyful Joyful.

Moree to come... so chyeaaaa!!

OOO yea i have an confession.. i like Soulja Boy lol.
and this beef between Bow Wow and Soulja Boy.. lmao
I think Soulja Boy would MURDER him. :] [in terms of rap]

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