Congrats to Woo...lets party

YAY!!! =]]]

I'm really excited about my budderz, Woo! He doing big things and its only common sense for me to bring attention and support the kid.

Definetly for all the readers who read this
you should check out the track Robbin Season


it reminds me of young 50 Rob and Steal
I'm really proud of him. I remeber back in the day MMCC goodtimes of course.


OMG... I have to hit up this party...
hosted by Wreckhouse ENT. 3 in 1 party.

•March of dimes [ten cents for us ladies...i know i thought it was a joke the first time too]
•Bare as you Dare [i'm not to sure what this actually means, but im with it
•Glow in the Dark [make sure to bring your strobe lights guys and gals]
and then theres, "Who Runs The City 2008" [the biggest competition of the city]

WreckHouse n Crunch Time friendly [hopefully] competion Summer going to be very fun =]

fun times indeed.

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