Bleecker Street and Beyond

Out and About with D.
bored at home so we decided to Oogle kicks and have Wendy's

I wanted him so bad >:[...a cute lil store on the corner of Bleecker.

42nd Phone Graffiti...smells like home

Thats D.'s happy face when he see's what he likes :p
Imagine Prom Night [xD...jokin]

I never saw the movie Iron Man...but I heard Hulk and him are supposed to collaborate in a film soon....

Transit!! looks like a subway..only you have to pay for what you find..::sigh::

Shrunken Santa Doll

Thats when we were in Ricky's... I wanted a shirt that said
Mr.Masturbate lmaoo

Thats when we were in Blades...[their decks are so sleek and shiny =]
getting one soon hopefully right D :]

Transit has a sneaker bin ..thats what i used to do to everything in my room
sneaker bin, clothes bin, food bin...etc

After that we chilled in my crib with the rest of the beef patties and watched Avatar and listened to Paul Mooney.

Fun Times Indeed

Much Love [*-*]


  1. Wow. I love Bleecker Street, Marc Jacobs killed it!

    I'm going back out at the end of August. You think you could hit me up with some good places to shop?

    Hit me up babe
    x Shamz

  2. Hey i see my tag on the telephone booth..Coolers. :)


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