Rap-Up Magazine =]]

Okay so i was on myspace early this morning [around 2 am] to see
who loves them some sasha =]

apparently most of my friends actually pay attention to me on myspace.

anywho i subscribe to my friends, and one of the subscriptions had me feenin' to go into my transportation and food money [$20 to last me 'till friday] to buy this
Look at this... ---->

oh ehm gee...do you see the shoes *droolz*

i have never read this magazine or seen it in my life anywhere...but by the almighty power invested in me...and my love [often obsession] for teyana taylor. I will not rest until it is in my possesion =]]

more later on...im going to be late for werk..as usual.

roald dont hurt me!
lmao *dies*

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