This IM was saved on July 18, 2008 6:15PM
sumone who cares about me this__________________________much sent this to me after a stupid converstation between people who are now strangers to me....[queen-tarted, shannoying, n metitssa]
lmaoo sorry had to do it

• one u need 2 get ya stories straight b4 u come at people lik u a lawyer on law order def not poppin

•u phony
•n i wud neva in my life accept any of ya apologies
•like i said b4 u a LIAR phony very muniplitavie and a new one :role player
•i can digg it tho
•u played
•u played my momz daz wat realli got me infuriated
•u played meli
•u played noya
•so wat u wanted u got
•but whoeva u chill wit but who cares
•neways...i realli hope u find sumbdi who put up wit ya fony ass ways
•i will def pray 4 dat person

•n also i realli lik how u goin around makin shit look reall shaky
•but u kno wat idc wat dem niggas say in bx tech either cuz u kno wat i can do??ill drop dem jus lik i dropped u

...i just realized how fuking long the other post was. ...damn
i wouldn't wanna read that neither but to sum it all up

....-----^ is easy to see how many peop
le ride my chapstick day and night =]
I tell them all to


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