Oh Ehm Gee >:o

It's sooo friggin stressful omg!!

:::sigh::: i have no idea what is happening...matter fact i do its just really making bug out that i have to go through this...again

I had wanted to write some more stuff when i came home from work last night, but so much has happened between that time and now its going to be impossible.

But I'll just some it up...
First some old stupid lady at McDonald's starts to spaz because she wants her fries and she don't want them to be cold.

So she comes to me and pays for a soder
. A sprite cost $1.08 cents
. Miss gives me $1.10 cents
. Now i know i wasn't all that great in math
and i never had been but let me explain.

I owed her 2 cents..the register i had had no pennies so i told her
"Miss I have no pennies"
she then hands over a Penney and says
"Okay here's a Penney now u owe me"

I'm looking at her like ..."huh?"
[in my mind I'm like...i owe u 3 pennies now, and i just told u i have no pennies..wtf]

So i go make her a sprite and give it to her...she looks at the sprite like its about to sprout wings and fly away then she looks at me like I'm slow.

"Where's my change?"
"Miss I told you I have no pennies...what do you want?"
"My change... I gave u a dime and another penny so where's my nickel"
.....*blank stare*
"What is wrong with this McDonald's!!?? I mean really I pay for fries I don't get, then I pay for a sprite and don't get any change.

By now the other co-workers are abandoning there work to see whats going on.

"Ma'am what are you talking about?" now if you know me and my facial expressions i really can't hide em so I'm really looking at this lady like she's brain dead.

"Where's my nickel gave you a dollar and 11 cents where's my nickel?"
"What on top of crappy service your workers don't know how to count?"


By this time I'm trying my best not to call this lady out so I'm just looking at her.
Its very hard to let someone know what it is when your GM and manager is sitting across from you.

So by this time my manager is asking whats going on and I'm like...
"I really don't know, this lady is about to bust a nut about a nickel that I don't owe her."
But whatever...

more and more drama to arrive...::oh boy::..

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