A Whole lotta Fuckery...

Man oh man.

This weekend was all kinds of stupid \:

[as you can see I do my smileys like this now >> |: <<>

So if you didn't know, now you do. I was planning on going to this party in Brooklyn.
It was a rented house party. shit was supposed to be live but IF YOU KNOW ME!!
I always seem to fall through with plans. SMH

We ended up linking up with my new "dealer" n hitting up 42nd to watch Madea.

[BTW that movie was the shittest piece of work I never had to pay for.]

Me and my friends were "those people" in the theatre.
[Loud ass People!!]

Any way I went home and it was a good ol' time.

The next day I hit up the boy who had really wanted me to go to the party.
lets call him Bape.

Bape's like : "what happened to you?"
Me: " yea couldn't make it, I woulda got there like 11, 12"
Bape: "ooo wow"

Now lets just say yall know the deal... he likes me I think he's cool lets see if something sparks!!

Me: " we should chill.."
Bape: "yea."
Me: " wanna do it today?"
Bape: "yea imma get ready."

So fastforward
*8;sioahglkajdg;aiur;gobambvbo; w9UR'I0j f;vlxvb 'PH IVRBJKH'GO9FYHJO **

Im in front of Wendy's I go across the street to use the pay phone cause you know me!

No Cellular nonsense for me
I like pay phones.. its like the lottery never know if you might get a dial tone.

after like 30 mins I decide to go outside. He just pops up!.

Bape: "Hey! you didn't see me??"
Me: "...no"

We kicking it outside of Wendy's and he's telling me about the party .. [sounded like mad fun!]
Then he's like let's go inside my friend in there.


ummm ? who

Yes his friend.
I was really stumped when we went to sit and his friend was there playing on his kick.

Please, please guys let me know.
Does this make any kind of sense.
I mean I don't ddo this often but theres just something inside of me that knows the difference between right and wrong.

When two people are interested in each other,
and one person proposes a get together of the sorts.
Do you...?

a. Go solo dolo
b. Bring your bestest Buddie along for the third party wagon.
c. Stand 'em up.

if you picked anything besides a..
go to hell.

It was so effin AWKWARD for me. OMG
I have never been so uncomfortable in my life. It was just like I didn't even want to try to seem interested. I was so ...just in AWE.. like

"really man?? awww really? like??....OMG!!"

Then his other friends were in the area and they had a reunion. I was just like...
man... This some ol BULLLSHEET.


after that I left.. well we went our seperate ways after veeryone kept saying they were gonna leave.

and no one got up to move.

ooo k?

I was just like well at least being alone on the train wont be as wierd as that experience.

But it did turn good.!
I met up with some old friends from Highschool.
and we had a jolly old time ragging on each other.! [:

WELL... w.e. for now I hit him up like..

Me: "y did u bring your friend??
Bape: "ooohh man?? why u didnt tell me u wanted it to be just us???"
Me: .....this aim session has ended due to the other persons pure astonishment of Bape's Naiveness...

More LAtA!!

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  1. ugh why people do shit like that? of course you'd want it to be just you guys if you felt otherwise you would have told him lets make it a family affair. lol



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