thanks mama dukes

guess who got their tax returns!!!....

if u guessed me!,,

your wrong ]:

its mi mummy dearest!
n guess wat she got mii {:

iPod TOUCH!!! [=

it wasn't like I wasn't expecting it. but..
The way she had presented it was really creative!.

Nana: "I couldn't find my iPod this morning I was dead sleeping and I couldn't find it!"
Me: "you already know I have no iPod and I took it....don't act brand nu."
Mom: " why are you always taking other peoples iPod without asking!"
...at this points she walks out the room. all the while repremanding me.

I'm about to strike back with the fury of a thousand suns and then she comes in.

Mom: "Gosh Sasha, you just need to stop doing that.. Thats just the reason why I got you your own.!"


it was wayy more theatric than that.
but ehh.. use your imagination.


1 comment:

  1. lucky ass you, but good look.

    i want to touch an iTouch. I touch so much, lol.


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