let me say this.. alotta things piss me off. BUT when I say this really GRINDS MY GEARS..
it really truly and honestly does.

Soooo Im on Sesilee Lopez page right..

and I'm looking at her followers.
I see this girls page, now I'm not going to put her on blast but, I will say she's very into her African power and embracing things that are natural.

...From the jump I knew I was in for some ol' bulllshit.

I'm looking through her page and she has these videos of Black women.
and Videos on different ways to style your hair if its natural which is all fine. I mean whatever. Kudos to you and yours. Help a sister or brother out whatever the case may be.

So I continue to scroll and I see a pictures of the Relaxer Dark & Lovely.
[I had used that relaxer... really not my cup of tea but w.e.]

Then I see she posted pictures of Black women with what seems to be relaxed hair.
As I scroll futher down I see a picture of a woman with her scalp missing som
e hair.. then I sctoll down and find a picture of a lady blad as ever with mad scabs and shit all over her head.

Then she goes on to caption:..
Stop the hair!! For those who dare not take the plunge ..(the hair requires more care than the maintenance of natural hair! because the hair is in a chemical attack)

_______________*ahem* FLATLINE___________________

Really Bitch?? How did I knowwww you were going to be the one.
how did I know??

I swear its like people who claim they embrace their origin and are fine with who they are SURE DO SEEEM
to have a huge problem with everyone else.
I wrote her a comment that was extra long.. I had to vent on that chicka when I saw her post.

Honestly just because you have natural doesn't mean your any better than any other black person. it just means you have natural hair..
It takes the same amount of care and maintanance as hair that is "chemically attacked"
It's not like you can just wake up with natural hair and be on
your way.. NOOO m

It will take some staying up lateon a sunday night arms aching trying to get them little guys twisted up right for School/ Work or wherever your ass was going.

cut the bullshit mane smh.
and stop saying "That's why black people like that now..!"

No thats why your like that now..
stop worrying about the race cause no one id putting the weight on your shoulders, You wanna be a Hero start with yourself.


When My hair was natural. Threw some color in there to make it come alive
I threw the extensions in so the color could grow out.
Right after I relaxed my hair after being natural.

The edges need a touch up.. BUT my hair is healthy.

xxxxx FUCOUTTAHERE xxxxx


  1. hahaha raaaah
    come we go fuck her up haha

  2. oh baby, you went innnnn on that chic, lol.

    but everyone is always on some righteous thing when it comes to natural vs chemicalized (not a word, don't use it, lol).

    I feel as long as you take care of your hair and make it yours, it shouldn't matter what you do with it, it's your hair.

    look fly with the hairstyles, by the way.

  3. @dori THANKSS [= ii hope u actually read the post though /:

    @william dudeee.. u don't know I went into Man Of Steel mode.. and tried my best to not roll over her.. after I threw her under the buss.

    @video thankks... she deserved it /:

  4. U ARE A Natural beauty.....
    Did he just take your pics off the blog and went to get the jergens lotion?

    You know ur all over his desktop...
    Prolly has a photo in his pocket

    Plz that afro bomb bammy prolly doesn't even shave she wants to keep it NATURAL bwahahahahahaaaaa


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