Kindness for Cowardace

"With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilities"
...Uncle Ben

If that isn't the truth I don't know what is.
I swear this promotion has sparked so much damn drama in McDonalds you would think Ronald bitch-slapped Hamburgerler.

Let me say this now.
People will hate on you because of three factors.

  1. insecurities
  2. jealousy
  3. envy

If you have someone who suffers from one or more of these symptoms. Tell them to shove it where it don't shine.

The first day I got my shirt I got "oh congratulations" and "great jobs" from almost everyone in the store.
Everyone else either didn't say a thing or just looked at me and cut thier eyes.

For the people who did give me thanks you and stuff I greeted them back just as happy.

If you know damn well you weren't happy for me to get my shirt then PLEASE do not put on a front as if you gave a shit.

Just keep it to yourself.

Don't give me fake ass compliments to make yourself feel better, because honestly you just end up looking phony as ever.

There's this girl at my job, now this bitch is like 23 and for some reason wants to jock strap me now that I've gotten my shirt.
The first day I got it she was one of the ones to give me congrats.
(phony muthafucker)

I said something to her about making sure she gets her food for drive-thru and now she wants to say..
"oh now she got her shirt she think she got some authority"

first of all.. I would've, and HAVE told you this before I got this godforsaken shirt.
So now that I have the shirt you think I'm abusing the shirt.

No, your just going to use my shirt as an excuse of abuse of power because you don't want to listen to a 19 year old crew manager. Yet and still "congrats on your shirt.

Fuck the bullshit.

On top of that!
The last week before I had given her 3 dollars for lunch.
Mind you it don't really matter to me because money is money and if you need I'd lend it to you.

So Last Friday we had a disgusting rush.
Like from 12 straight through till when I left.
I mean nonstop

Not even enough time for me to have bathroom break and not come back and see my screen filled with orders.


quickly lemme say this. Theres this old ass BGW bitch {BGW stands for Big Gay n in the Way}
Her name is Anette and I swear to GOD she acts like a goddamn child.
She has been complaining about me since the beginning because I was on my way to crew trainer and I had more privileges and still in my regular shirt.

SO anything I do she's going to have a problem with it.
We had like 3 meetings already.
The last meeting I bust her ass with my keen listening skills and bad ass verbal actions lol.

Okay back to the story

the most disgusting rush ever.

My manager Meme transfer me from the kitchen to the front counter. In my opinion I think she just got tired of being up front and nothing changing.

so Im in the front and its fustrating because its literally the never ending rush. and its hot as fuck.
I tell this dumby in drive-thru get her orders.
she say

"how I'm suppose to get it if your dumbass keep taking the fries" or some shit like that.

I'm like.. Bitch just be quicker.
Your slow.
so we go back and forth and I end it by saying. If you want to continue this argument by yourself go ahead because I'm done.

Finally the demon rush is over and I can continue with my life.
There is this big group of ghettos outside of the McDonalds and I'm just like.. man I can't do this shit for long.

I see the dumby from drive-thru and she's there with these two other girls I know.

Later on I come to find out. The Bish was straight up Plotting on my demise.

Like she brought the girls to come "work it out"
But I knew both of the girls she was with and whatever she had planned for ME.
they weren't with it because I'm cool peoples.

Im sorry if I'm really getting into this McDonalds bullshit.
But For heaven sakes. ITS ONLY McDONALDS!!!

Like people definitely take it to the butt.
N must think I do also.
NOOOOO I take my role how I'm suppose to professionally.
If you don't like it. Kick Rocks and quit.

Ughhh.. I go back to work tomorrow and I dare a hoe to say some really slick shit out there mouth.
I have no time for nonsense and I can't be around dumb niggas to long.
I think I'd catch an aneurism.


oo btw.. I feel like drama will ensue in due time. smh for that one.

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  1. I would fuck her up
    Mean she obviously had it planned out for you
    so it's only fair


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