I blog for me.. and I suck at following because i dont really read much of what some bloggers write no offense but sometime the shit is just boring...and it be the ones witht he most followers too..smh.

but yea.. just wanted to update on stuff i do

1.I'm addicted to sims 3...

2.imma quit my job..or get fired for stabbing a hoe

3.i want to woo hoo this sexy lil lite skan thang ;) "simlish" you know what im talking bout nana!!

4.i smoked some haze ..when the light was still out...so strange.

5.went to the park...mad fucking mexicans for noo reason.

6.ima freak bom chicka wom wom..

going to do something productive...peace love n tranquility!!!

ooo yea dont feel like backspacing. Going to a Bubble Fight thing tomorrow...hope to see you there....

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