Cadillac Records

So I Just finished watching Cadillac Records.
and I have to say it was really good.

It wasn't all dramatics. Drawn out, and heart wrenching.  Like most films in this genre. which is a breath of fresh air. Being that it doesn't have all the other characteristics of most of those music films based in the 50's 60's it's a new take on it. [ooo weee you like how I get down with the reviewing skills nuh ?]

I Like how they hyped up the film of how Beyonce was in it. I figured it was going to be based around Etta James.
But thats how they trap ya see...
You don't see B until you forget she's actually in the movie.

and Bam!!
Honestly, not to even give ammunition to the Beyonce stans out there but.
Beyonce was excellent in her performance.
Her *ahem* intimate scene with Adrien Brody, was so authentic.
I was believing every minute of it.

Now as for Eammon Walker's portrayal of Howlin' Wolf in the film, was I the only one kind of scared of this man?

He played the shit out of his character.
At one point I was like. "Is this man like this on the regular?"

Now I'm not trying to do a run down of all the characters of this movie.
Hell No...
Best believe a girl got shit to do. But I will put out there that my man Mos Def. Most Definetly ha
s the talent, to kick the ass of any of these cornbread actors in the business now. 

I mean he didn't even have a huge part in the film, but the little he had. He worked with it.
All in All

Cadillac Records is a great movie in my opinion. I was a little scared though that Beyonce over cook it. But she fought that temptation with the quickness.

This is Sasha  Fierce and I give Cadillac Records a 9 out of 10.

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