To, Momma

Dear Mom,
How can so many years of motherhood be summed up in a day? It really can’t. The amount of things you have sacrificed to make sure the life we had as children was all it could be with the little we had. That takes selflessness. I don’t know any other title that can even come close to that of a Mother. The way you always know what is wrong, without me even telling you, the way I can come to you for anything and everything because you are for me 100% without any judgement or agenda. I know I can speak to you and still feel the comfort of a kind ear, and the warmth of a loving heart. Maybe more people should be like Mothers. The nurturing nature, the value of your wisdom, and the importance of making sure that person special in your heart knows that everyday of the week, month, and year. This letter is to my mother, and if you are a mother, daughter, son, grandchild, or grandparent reading this, this letter is intended for you as well. Without out mothers, there would be no you or me. Mom I hope you know the true significance of your existence in this world. The Bible says honor thy mother and father, and a day in a year doesn’t make it any more, or less momentous. To not have that loving as child for those who are orphaned, separated from there parents, or are just on bad terms with their mother, I pray that you find the love through another vessel. If its had and taken for granted, I pray that you see the error of your actions, and realize what you have before it is gone.
It can’t be put in words, even though I have attempted.
To Mom, I Love You.

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