Pet peeves and mac an cheese

For one... This goes to the folks who have had the privilegde of having my cell phone number..

•Dont hit me up talking about your "bored"
For one.. I don't give a shit. Two, unless you were planning on inviting me out to chill.. Umm what would you like me to do?
•Don't take my ipod and listen to the same shit you have on your own ipod.
You have to understand if the case is where you want me to hear a song you really enjoy..and then I give you my ipod to groove to some tunes an you deadass shuffling through songs while I have to listen to your bullshit smh.
•When we enter a train.. Dont grab the door seat if you enter first
First off the train cars seats are limited and if we going in a train and you enter first. Its cuortesy to slide ya ass to the side and let the person get the one with the rails. Fuck I gotta go a extra mile arou d you to sit if I came in second.
Its tacky. Yes yes recession this recession that. But don't be a ass if you have it just spear it damn...
Bitch dont come with no compliments or nothi g like that if you yourself dont like it. Something I really hate... "I could never wear anything like that, but you could pull it off" before I didnt mind people telling me that but now smh.. Why can't you rock it?!
•The word Bitch.
I use this word yes. But when people especially girls use it casually like.. Wasup bitch. *blank stare*
No. This will not work. Its not cute and I find it disrespectful...

Yea so that was a few or .. Alot of pet peeves that i just cant stand.. It irks the shit outta me... Just wanted to get that out there


  1. lol at the ipod one...u know that is true. yea why listen to the same stuff that you have on yours?!? lol

  2. I agree with the last one about females saying "bitch."
    If you wanna call yourself a bitch that's fine, but don't refer to me as one because then there will be problems.


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